Update, September 2018: Our third Socktober is coming up and we are just thrilled with the amazing opportunity to partner with all kinds of amazing humans to change the world through funky socks!  We are forever at your service and forever grateful!

After working in the non-profit world for 14 years and seeing a variety of fundraising methods, we discovered that everyone is trying to raise funds for their amazing cause. However, what we could not find was a way that organizations can raise the funds they need to support their mission as well as address a felt need within their own communities.

We Help Two was founded on the belief that fundraising can be done in a way that benefits two causes. Through our unique fundraising method, organizations not only raise funds for their cause but also impact their local community through our local donation program at no additional cost!

We Help Two comes alongside organizations to help them reach their fundraising goals.

No upfront costs

You keep up to 60% of your revenue

Help your local community at no extra cost