Raise Money for Your Own Cause

We know that there are many amazing causes out there that you love and want to support. Our mission is to provide you with the freedom and the resources to choose your own cause, while at the same time helping you make twice the impact.

So whether is it raising funds for clean water, animal rescue, team travel and uniforms, or art supplies, our online sock campaign is a simple and effective way to get the word out and make a real difference for your cause as well as meet needs in your local community through our sock donation program. 

Stories of Success

You can sell socks with three different options. The most successful campaigns use a combination of all or some of the options.

  1. Online Campaign

Points to consider while setting up your campaign:

  • Make sure to choose either the $12 or $15 price point

    • $12, you keep 50% ($6 per pack)

    • $15 you keep 60% ($9 per pack)

  • You must include a video, most people make their own, if you don’t want to do that you can use this one.

  • Shipping options are important to specify.  If you do not want any orders coming to you, select only “home”.  If you don’t mind saving your supporters the shipping cost, select “host and home”. It is much cheaper to send several orders in one box to the host than several separate orders to individuals, but every campaign is different, it’s up to you.

  • You get 1 pair of socks to donate for every 2 packs you sell.

  • .03% of all money earned will be taken off the credit to cover credit card processing fees.

2. Selling Socks in Person

(In order to get this going, just shoot us an email at info@wehelptwo.com)

Points to consider when requesting a box of socks to sell in person.

  • Choose the amount of socks you would like to try and sell, here are the options: 30, 50, or 100 packs. If you run out, we can send you more.

  • You will be responsible ALL shipping cost. These included socks shipped to you to sell and donate and the cost of shipping leftover socks back to us.

  • Have a plan for selling the socks, here are some things that have worked for other customers.

-Set up at community events such as farmers market or craft bizarre.

-Post pictures of the socks on social media and see who would like some.

-Host a sock hop and use the socks as the ticket to get in.

-Present your project at a local Rotary or Kiwanis Club.

  • You’ll have 1 month from the day you receive the socks to give it your best shot at selling.  At the 1 month mark, you need to set an ending date with a We Help Two contact and you’ll have 1 week from that date to get things wrapped up.

  • Selling socks in person is the most immediate, effective way to start making money towards your cause, however, if you end up not up for the task you will end up losing money because of the shipping costs.

-If you do end up selling out of socks we are happy to send more at any point.

-If you have any packs left, you are welcome to send them back.

-You get 1 pack of socks to donate for every two packs sold, you are responsible for the shipping costs of the warm socks.

3. Selling Socks With an Order Form

Points to consider when selling socks with an order form.

  • Using an order form is 100% risk free.

  • Ordering a sample pack is helpful to use along an order form, you can order that HERE.

  • Feel free to make copies of the order form and let others help you out with their own order form

  • You are responsible to pay for the shipping of your orders.

  • If customers want to pay with a check, you can have them make it out to you and we will send one invoice to you.