Socks for School

Consider these facts:

  • In Uganda, it is not uncommon for public school classes to have well over one-hundred students and one teacher.

  • Paying private school fees is beyond many families. This means that many children are left sitting at home, waiting for their relatives to try to scrape together enough money to send them to school.

  • Teacher absenteeism is a common problem at schools. Due to low and delayed pay, many teachers are forced to take on additional jobs, and classrooms are often left without a dedicated teacher.

We Can Make a Difference!

Through the Socks for School program, We Help Two partners with schools to sell socks to raise funds to provide the ability for a child to attend a high-quality, private school in the heart of Kampala, Uganda.

What makes the program unique is that for every pack of socks sold, schools will also receive a pair of warm socks for donation to a local organization of their choice. Schools will also be able to correspond with their sponsored child during the school year.

School Icon.jpg

Sponsor a Child to Go to School

The program includes:

  • School fees

  • New uniforms

  • Breakfast and lunch

  • A portion of a teacher’s salary at the school  

How It Works: 

3 pair sock packs are sold for $12 per pack

  • 35 packs = 1 term

  • 70 packs = 2 terms

  • 105 packs = A full school year

3 pair sock packs are sold for $10 per pack

  • 42 packs = 1 term

  • 84 packs = 2 terms

  • 126 packs = A full school year