Funky Socks Change Lives

Here are just a few stories of lives that have been changed through our program

Valsad Clinic (Anosh).jpg


In the country of India, 150 children are born with clubfoot every day. The majority of the families of these babies do not have the funds to pay for or access to hospitals where they can have their feet corrected.

Thanks to the teachers and students, We Help Two and its partner clinics stepped up to provide foot correction and therapy for Anoush!

He is making great progress and on his way to living a normal, productive life.



The Flames is the name of the Malawi National Soccer Team. Every boy in Malawi owns or plans to own one of their flaming red jerseys. Most dads have a secret hope that their son might be the next Flame. That’s not the hope for Precious. He was born with two club feet. He would never be able to walk properly let alone guide a ball to the goal.

Never heard of clubfoot? You probably know someone who was born with it! In the U.S. alone, about 5,000 children are born with it each year. Almost all of them receive treatment and are corrected before they reach walking age. But what hope is there for Precious who lives in rural Malawi?

Thanks to We Help Two and a partner clinic, Precious received surgery, corrective bracing and therapy and his daddy is already shopping for a flaming red jersey.

Samatha Malawi-1.jpg


It’s not unusual for a parent to gaze upon a newborn and daydream about the child’s future. Will she be cheerful like her dad; will she be a good student; who will she marry? It was different for Andrea and Mercy. When they looked upon their little girl they foresaw someone who would forever drag a dysfunctional leg through the dust of their little village in Malawi. Little Samantha was born with a really severe club foot. There was no prospect of a normal life for her.   

But We Help Two and a partner clinic intervened and provided surgery, a corrective brace and therapy for Samantha.Her club foot has come along nicely and she will be walking into a brighter future.