Socks for Legs

Consider these facts:

• Every 30 seconds someone loses a limb.

• 80% of amputees do not have access to or the means to pay for a new limb.

• 90% of disabled children in the developing world do not attend school.

Through the Socks for Legs program, We Help Two partners with schools to sell socks to raise funds and

provide legs for amputees around the world. What makes the program unique is that for every pack of

socks sold, schools will also receive a pair of warm socks for donation to a local organization of their

choice. We also report back to schools about the amputees who have received the legs so they get to

see the impact of their action.

Legs Icon.jpg

Provide a Leg

Schools works with We Help Two and our partners MEND and LEGWORKS to provide legs to amputees, who would not be able to afford them, giving them a second chance at life. 

How It Works: 

3 pair sock packs are sold for $12 per pack

  • 90 packs = 1 leg

All orders can be done through our online campaign platform and/or in person.