Funky Socks Change Lives

Here are just a few stories of lives that have been changed through our program



Jeremiah is 11 years old and lives in Uganda. He was diagnosed at the age of 6 with a vascular disease and various doctors prescribed several different treatments that had no effect. The final treatment Jeremiah received caused severe damage to the veins in his leg resulting in an amputation. Following the amputation, Jeremiah and his family fell into depression and lived for 5 months with no hope of
him every walking again. 
However, everything changed when they heard about the local clinic that was participating in the Learning for Legs program and providing legs and fittings to amputees at no cost. Jeremiah was soon fitted with a leg and now has hope for the future and is looking forward to returning to school with his friends.

Benitah 2.jpg


Benitha is a 4-year-old living in Uganda who was born with only one foot. She is being raised by her single mother Annette who sells tomatoes at a roadside market to support them both. There was no hope of them ever setting aside enough money to pay for a new foot for Benitha. As a result, Annette had to carry Benitha everywhere while trying to make enough money to keep them both alive.

All of that changed when Annette brought Benitha to the clinic in Uganda that provide legs and and fittings for free. It took a while for Benitha to get used to the new foot, but she is now walking for the first time in her life thanks to your support.

Merceline 2.jpg


While walking to school in Kenya, Merceline was struck by a car. The damage to her leg was so severe that the doctors had no choice but to amputate her leg. Without the ability to walk, Merceline was
unable to attend school and began falling behind in her studies. Now all of that has changed and the smile on Merceline ’s face says it all. She is now walking to school with her friends.