Socks for Clubfoot

Consider these facts:

  • Every 3 minutes a baby is born with clubfoot.

  • 90% of children with clubfoot are born in areas where treatment options are limited.

  • These children are often shunned by society. As outcasts, marriage and a family of their own is unlikely. Some will find work doing menial labor. Many will end up as beggars or worse.

  • There is a treatment for clubfoot that is easy and inexpensive to implement.

Through the Socks for Clubfoot program, We Help Two partners with schools to sell socks to raise funds

to correct clubfoot in babies around the world. What makes the program unique is that for every pack

of socks sold, schools will also receive a pair of warm socks for donation to a local organization of their

choice. We also report back to schools about the babies who have been helped so they get to see the

impact of their action.

Clubfoot Icon.jpg

 Repair Club Feet:

Schools works with We Help Two and our partners repair club feet in babies around the world. 

How It Works: 

3 pair sock packs are sold for $12 per pack

  • 100 packs = 1 club feet correction which is a 4-year process.